Available now on PlayStation®4 & PlayStation®5, Xbox One & Series S | X, Nintendo Switch

Also on PC Windows and MacOS via Steam and the Epic Games Store.


A Survival Horror Adventure: play as a cast of characters exploring an isolated village of ancient ritual – its labyrinthine roads will change each time you lose all your characters. Developed and published by Santa Ragione, the creators of FOTONICA, MirrorMoon EP, and Wheels of Aurelia.


Game Rant - 9/10

"Playing through Saturnalia's beautiful mixture of rogue-lite, survival horror, and Metroidvania mechanics feels like being among the first people in the world to experience peanut butter and chocolate. [...] an entirely new flavor profile that in just a few short years will be so popular audiences everywhere won't be able to fathom a world before the existence of said combination." – Patrick Morris

Eurogamer - Recommended

"Saturnalia successfully establishes a relationship between its physical and spiritual horrors, which together pull the player into its unpleasant reality. Saturnalia is a horrible little video game, but horrible in precisely all the ways its makers intended." – Simon Parkin

Rock Paper Shotgun - Bestest Bests

"It's a pulse-raising, shiver-making, dark little whisper; a beautiful game. [...] It's a rare game that unsettles you enough to stop playing, but attracts you enough that you turn it back on almost immediately. A rare game that's so unapologetically specific, that doesn't seem to have diluted any part of itself. Rarest of all is a game that's truly unique, and makes you think "I haven't played anything like this before." – Alice Bell